Let’s change Santa Ana City Council elections to a ward-specific model



Avery Ann Andres has begun a petition campaign to put an initiative on the ballot to change the Santa Ana Charter so that city council members will be elected by ward rather than at large as is now the rule. Such a change will make the council members more responsive to their ward constituents.

If you support this effort, please download the petition and circulate it as best you can among your neighbors and friends.

There is room for 15 signatures and if you need more, please email Andres and she will send you more signature pages to attach. Any number of signatures is appreciated. Be sure the signers are registered voters. When you believe you have all the signatures you are able to obtain, please call Andres and she will pick up the signed petition. Her phone number is 714 558 7775.

We have to obtain 8,800 signatures which is a challenge but not impossible.

Here is a list of cities that elect their Council members by districts/wards:

Charter Cities

Bakersfield (212,715)

Berkeley (105,855)

Dinuba (14,638)

Downey (92,092) 1 council elected at-large

Fresno (367,684)

*Inglewood++ (116,032)

*Long Beach (442,106)

*Los Angeles (3,638,148)

*Oakland (386,779)

*Pasadena (137, 136

*Pomona (139,792)

*Redondo Beach++ (63,913)

*Riverside ++ (247,800)

*Sacramento (396,032)

Salinas (122,468)

*San Bernardino (185,942)

*San Diego (1,197,676)

*San Jose (849,363)

*Seal Beach (26,795)

Stockton (234,009)

Watsonville (34,248)

++ In these cities, if no one gets 51% of the vote, then they have a run-off election at a later date.

General Law Cities

Bradbury (890)

??Coachella?? (21,038

Colton (45,479)

Hanford (38,469)

Hollister (24,698)

Moreno Valley (135,635)

Parlier (9,452)

West Sacramento (30,231)

And here is a list of cities that nominates council members from districts or wards but elects them at large:

Charter Cities

Alhambra (88,518)

*Compton (93,268)

*Eureka (28,606)

Newport Beach (70,098)

San Leandro (72,307)

Santa Ana (337,977) (Census of Population, 2000) 78,217 (Orange County Registrar of Voters, Map Section, 01/16/02)

General Law Cities

Woodside (5,396)

*Cities with primary elections

Population figures from League of Cities database, July 1997

Amazing.  Only a handful of cities conduct their local elections the way Santa Ana does.  And Santa Ana is by far the largest city that conducts elections in this manner.

Our current system is dated and it needs to go.


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