Vote no on the OC Board of Superfibbers’ fraudulent Measure E

Vote No on Measure E


Vote NO on Measure E. What Orange County needs is a local independent Ethics Commission that will audit all campaign statements and identify all violations.

Measure E incorrectly refers to the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) as “California’s Ethics Commission”.

  • The FPPC is NOT an ethics commission. Ethics commissions, such as those in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, deal with much more than just campaign
    law violations – including fraud, waste, conflicts of interest, transparency of public records, nepotism, etc.
  • The primary job of the FPPC is to enforce the State’s campaign laws – not to handle ethics issues.
  • In order to adequately enforce Orange County’s campaign law, the FPPC would have to audit all the county candidates’ campaign statements over an entire four-year Election Cycle. But the FPPC has stated they would audit only on a random basis. Most violations would therefore go undetected.

  • Moreover, the Board of Supervisors could cancel the FPPC contract at any time, making the process vulnerable to political pressure. A local Ethics Commission would not be subject to this interference.
  • The last two Grand Juries recommended establishment of an Ethics Commission for Orange County and the last Grand Jury specifically recommended against hiring the FPPC.
  • Measure E is an attempt by the Board of Supervisors to skirt the need for an Orange County Ethics Commission. Politicians do not want this type of scrutiny that the public deserves.
  • Don’t be fooled by this diversion! Vote NO on Measure E.

s/ Shirley L. Grindle
Author of TINCUP Campaign Reform Ordinance
s/ Kay Bruce
Co-President League of Women Voters of Orange County
s/ Dave Baker
Foreman 2013-2014 Grand Jury
s/ Wm. R. Mitchell
Former Chair Orange County Common Cause
s/ Fred Smoller
Political Science Professor


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