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Santa Ana 2016 General Election Voter Guide

The absentee ballots were sent to Santa Ana voters this week. So now it is time to vote! This is an important local election as the City Council majority is at stake. Our current City Council majority is trying to fool the voters into giving them a 700% raise via Measure PP. Needless to say […]

Why is SAUSD School Board candidate Mark McLoughlin hiding his financial info from the public?

SAUSD School Board candidate Mark McLoughlin appears to be trying to hide his financial information from the public. McLoughlin was appointed to the Santa Ana Planning Commission in January so he had to turn in a Form 700, to the Santa Ana City Clerk. That Form, which you can see here, is completely devoid of […]

Why did Santa Ana’s education unions reject every woman running for the School Board?

Today was Women’s Equality Day but we have not made much progress in Santa Ana. Our local education unions endorsed three men for the SAUSD School Board election in November. They did not even bother to interview the women in the race. Now I cannot blame the Santa Ana Educators Association (SAEA) and the California School […]